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If you need a knowledgeable doctor of sports medicine in Hamilton, NJ, contact Prestige Pain Centers today. Our services for sports medicine in Millburn, NJ and Hamilton, NJ can help you overcome the pain often associated with sports-related injuries and repetitive movement. You’ll get medication-free treatment that helps you recover your life and allows you to do the things you love again.

What Conditions Does Sports Medicine Treat?

Whether you’re a novice or a professional athlete, a sports medicine doctor can help treat a wide range of common conditions associated with playing sports. From a sharp sprain to a painful muscle strain, our doctor in Hamilton, NJ can help. We also specialize in the treatment of joint injuries, such as the shoulder or knee, overuse injuries like tennis elbow or rotator cuff injuries, and tendinitis.

  • Our sports medicine and physical therapy in Hamilton, NJ can help treat a torn rotator cuff. This injury occurs when the group of muscles and tendons that support the shoulder joint become injured due to repeated motions, like when a baseball pitcher repeatedly throws the ball. A rotator cuff injury doesn’t have to apply to sports players alone. It can also affect anyone who does repetitive motions using the shoulder. A total rotator cuff tear may need surgery, as sports medicine won’t be enough to remedy the issue alone.
  • A torn Achilles tendon is another common sports injury that results in a torn or ruptured tendon after too much pressure is placed on the back of the lower leg region. Patients may also experience a torn Achilles tendon after landing on their foot too hard, and it typically causes a sharp, painful feeling in the heel area.
  • Sprains are also common injuries that can benefit from sports medicine and other forms of physical therapy. These sprains occur when the patient twists their ankle severely, which can tear or stretch the ligaments that hold the ankle bones together.
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When You Should See a Sports Medicine Specialist

Not every injury or pain requires a visit to a sports medicine specialist. However, there are some instances where we recommend that you contact us to schedule an appointment to see our doctor right away, including:

  • If you have ongoing, chronic pain that is not going away when you use traditional treatments like ice, stretching, and over-the-counter pain relief products.
  • Injuries that are not improving after seeing your primary care doctor should be referred to a sports medicine specialist.
  • You’re having difficulty putting weight on one leg or foot, or if you notice that one leg or foot seems “weak.”
  • You are experiencing noticeable redness, swelling, or tingling anywhere in the body that does not stop.
  • It is becoming difficult to raise and/or lower your arm, or if any of your injuries are interfering with your everyday activities.

Some minor injuries may heal on their own. They might be able to be treated using the RICE method, which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. But if the pain from those mild injuries gets worse or fails to subside over time, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with our sports medicine team as soon as possible. The earlier you can get treatment, the better you’ll heal.

Sports Medicine Can Improve Athletic Performance

Seeing a sports medicine doctor can do more than just help to treat an injury, it can also help to improve your athletic performance. You can learn important skills and techniques to help you prevent future injuries while you stay stronger. You’ll also learn how to recover from an injury faster so that your body can heal more quickly, resulting in less downtime. Instead of just treating the problem, quality sports medicine specialists will help you determine the cause of the injury and come up with ways to help your body heal fully to prevent re-injury in the future.

Regular therapy sessions, massage, and other non-invasive treatments can help you to get stronger over time. With the right sports medicine regimen in place, your body will be much more able to handle the rigors that come along with playing intense sports. Whether it’s baseball, football, tennis, or another sport, getting the proper type of therapy can make an incredible difference in your overall athletic performance. You will learn how to build strength and flexibility, making you a much more resilient athlete. 

Our team will develop a unique physical therapy, training, and rehabilitation program that’s specially tailored just for you. Over time, you will be able to prevent new injuries more easily while protecting your musculoskeletal system. Every workout will result in enhanced performance, better wellness, and stronger muscles while improving your balance and strength.

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Don’t let a sports-related injury take you out of the game you love. At Prestige Pain Centers in Hamilton, NJ, our sports medicine team focuses on preventing injuries while boosting your athletic performance and providing the best sports rehab treatment available for your unique needs. Contact us on-line or call us at (732) 887-2004 to schedule an appointment with a doctor today!


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