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Thorascopic Release

Thorascopic Release allows the surgeon access to the anterior thoracic spine without a large incision. Multiple small skin incisions are made along the side of the chest to allow for the fiber-optic camera and surgical instruments to go to work.

Vertebral disks are removed, bone graft may be added for spinal fusion and instrumentation may be placed where needed. Consult with a pain management specialist if you are experiencing any of these symptoms or scoliosis

Posterior thorascopic release is often used with an anterior release and the goals are to:

  • improve the spinal curve from scoliosis,
  • improve the three-dimensional alignment of the spine,
  • prevent progression of the curve in the future
  • improve cosmetic look
  • reduce pain
  • optimize pulmonary function
  • maintain neurological integrity.

This is achieved by correction of the deformity and creation of a solid arthrodesis of the deformed part of the spine.

The most common use of thoracoscopic surgery is anterior release. Upper and middle vertebral discs are removed to increase the flexibility of the patient’s spine allowing for better correction of spine curvature. This approach is considered for rigid scoliosis.

Other types of spinal curvature that can be treated with thoracoscopic anterior release are:

  • Type III curves – single thoracic curves
  • Hypokyphotic curves – curves present in young patients
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