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Cervical laminoplasty is a surgical technique that removes pressure from the spinal cord in the neck that can be due to various reasons including degenerative changes, arthritis, bone spurs, disc herniations or fractures.

Laminoplasty is a procedure in which portions of the lamina (the bony “roof” of the spinal canal) are removed. It is a surgical procedure that enlarges the spinal canal and props that “roof” open slightly.

Spinal cord pressure, called cervical spinal stenosis, can occur at multiple levels of the cervical spine. If this pressure is severe enough, symptoms of spinal cord damage can develop, such as pain, numbness, and difficult mobility.  The technique is often referred to as an “open door laminoplasty,” because the back of the vertebrae is made to swing open like a door.



Why is it Performed?

The goal of laminoplasty in treating “cervical spondylotic myelopathy” is to relieve the narrowing of the spinal canal. Consult with a pain management specialist if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. This procedure immediately relieves pressure by creating more space for the spinal cord and nerve roots. The cervical canal narrowing can result in numbness, pain and weakness of limbs, as well as difficulty in walking and if left untreated, even paralysis. The main goal is to prevent further worsening in neurologic function.

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