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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Aside from long-term pain management, independence is also a top priority for our patients—regardless of the type of physical impairments, disabilities impacting the spinal cord, or any other injuries of the body. In these types of cases, our main focus is on physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R). Meaning, the primary goal isn’t necessarily to find a cure but to develop the right plan to maximize the quality of life through holistic treatment. We alleviate the pain while delivering reliable solutions for challenges with mobility. 

"Great staff and Dr Johal very caring Dr."
Richard T.
“Dr. Johal has always been attentive to my health problem and I was greatly impressed when he was in my operation.”
Ana J.
"Dr. Johal gave me my life back! Can’t say enough good thing about him or his practice. My wife is now also seeing him for her neck pain!"
John M.
"Amazing doctor. Very like-able personality and will provide excellent care to all his patients."
Omar E.
"Compassionate Care ...with understanding and equality .."
Dustin S.
“I like Dr. Johal he understands your pain he’s a good doctor and I don’t say that about a lot of doctors.”
Gloria P.
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