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At Prestige Pain Centers, our team of experienced and trusted physical therapists can help you finally get the relief you need. Physical therapy in Hamilton, NJ, with our certified professionals, is designed to provide you with pain relief, improved mobility, and a better quality of life. If you suffered an injury with a long recovery time, an illness that limited your physical well-being, or other complications to your health, our team can help you get the relief you deserve.

Physical Therapy Helps with Pain Relief

One of the primary reasons to utilize physical therapy in Hamilton, NJ, is because it can offer significant pain relief. As your body is immobile, it suffers the development of scar tissue, which can make moving your muscles or joints later more challenging. Physical therapy is designed to specifically provide your body with proper function, moving the way it should and, as a result, reducing the pain you feel in the process.

When you work with a physical therapist, you will not be pushing your body to significantly challenging levels. The goal is not to over do it, but to improve the function of your joints and muscles so you do not have pain. Proper movement can help to reduce inflammation as well, helping you to feel better in the process.

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Experienced Improved Mobility & Flexibility

Another reason to invest in physical therapy services is to improve your mobility. Mobility and flexibility can become challenging for a person over time due to injury or illness. Through our comprehensive strategies, we can help you to move easier and engage more fully in the tasks that you enjoy.

There are numerous benefits to incorporating this type of therapy into your workout for mobility:

  • Improved stability: One of the best reasons to get moving with support is the significant improvement in stability you’re likely to see. That means you’re less likely to fall when you become off balance.
  • Recover from strokes: Physical therapy helps individuals improve the communication between their brain and muscles, which can suffer damage when a stroke occurs.
  • Improve how far your joints move: With the use of therapy, your joints become more flexible, your muscles are looser, and you can move further than you have in the past.

Our goal as your physical therapists is to provide you with services right for your specific needs. If you are recovering from a hip surgery or knee replacement, your needs are very different from a person that needs to work up stamina and endurance after a long hospital stay. We customize treatment to address your specific mobility and flexibility needs, allowing you to see results that improve your quality of life.

Physical Therapy Techniques & Methods

When you work with our physical therapy team in Hamilton, NJ, we will create an individualized treatment plan to address your specific needs. Not every type of movement is best suited for your recovery. Some of the physical therapy techniques and methods we may utilize include:

  • Range of motion exercises: These help to improve the function of the parts of your body that must work together including your connective tissues, joints, nerves, and muscles.
  • Manual therapy: In this type of therapy, your therapist will apply specific movements to your muscles and tissues to help with reducing pain and tension while also helping to get your body moving properly.
  • Gait training: For many people, gait training becomes critical to getting back to being active again. This method of therapy works to improve your ability to walk in a stable, safe manner without difficulty or pain.
  • Balance training: Your physical therapy team may work closely with you on improving your balance through very specific strategies. This can help to minimize risks related to walking down steps. Along with this therapy is proprioception training, which helps you with being able to move without staring at your feet.
  • Acupuncture: For many people, acupuncture is one of the best methods we use because it can create significant healing and pain relief. The application of tiny needles to specific areas of the body can drastically improve your well-being. Learn more about acupuncture in Hamilton, NJ, when you meet with our team.
  • Sports medicine: A component of the physical therapy we offer is geared towards sports medicine, an area of practice focused on improving the function of the body to improve sports performance. We encourage you to set up an appointment at our clinic for sports medicine in Hamilton, NJ, with us to learn more.

Caring for your body means creating a customized therapy session designed to meet your needs. We often include numerous exercises and techniques dependent on the specific goals you have. Our team also works closely with you to teach you how to perform these tasks on your own. That way, you can continue to work on them and develop rehabilitation improvements over time.

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Physical Therapy Should Not be Painful

Physical therapy in Hamilton, NJ is not the same as working your body’s muscles and ligaments to gain mass or to lose weight. In fact, it should not hurt in any way and it should be done in a safe manner based on your specific needs and limitations. Our services are always designed to improve your health and well-being, often reducing pain and discomfort.

You may feel some soreness after your appointment due to the stretching of your muscles and ligaments. You may feel tired, too. That’s your body’s indication that you need to rest to give it time to recover. However, you should never feel intense pain, sharp pain, or debilitating pain. It should never move from discomfort to true pain.

If it does hurt, that could indicate that something is not being done properly. For example, you may have an injury that’s gone undetected prior to your physical therapy services. This could mean that you need additional rehab treatment. Always alert your therapist or doctor to any serious pain that you may be having. Don’t push through it. Instead, find out what could be wrong.

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