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Pain Management Doctors in Edison, NJ

When Edison, NJ residents need first-rate paint management services, they often turn to the compassionate care provided by their local Prestige Pain Center. Our licensed physical therapists and experienced doctors help Edison, NJ patients better handle and deal with chronic knee pain, back pain, ankle pain, sprains or arthritic pain.

Whether it’s needing to reduce swelling and chronic pain in your knees, elbows, shoulders, and neck or needing to recover from recent surgery, the empathetic caregivers, licensed physicians, and physical therapists at Prestige Pain Center can put together a customized care plan to get you moving again.

Patients trust our physical therapy in Edison, NJ because our Prestige Pain Center uses nothing but the very best and most advanced diagnostic equipment alongside state-licensed physical therapists and physicians. We adopt a holistic approach to patient care based on using the latest and most advanced research and pain care technologies and practices.

So, what are some of the pain management services that our pain management doctors and therapists can provide at our Pristine Pain Center in Edison, NJ?

Types of Conditions That We Treat

Our pain management in Paramus, NJ is provided by licensed doctors, physicians, and therapists who have vast experience helping patients deal with a wide range of physical ailments and pain. Whether it’s ankle, foot, shoulder, elbow, or knee pain, pain caused by the devastating effects of cancer, back pain, spinal pain, or even carpal tunnel syndrome, we have the technology and experience to help you resolve your most common pain problems.

In some cases, we help our Edison, NJ patients deal with failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) which is a pain condition where someone experiences pain long after surgery – or help them deal with phantom limb pain, an affliction that often has patients feeling pain in a limb that was either lost or amputated.

A Prestige Pain Center doctor understands the underlying root causes of pain, how and why it worsens, and the best and most proactive ways to alleviate that pain or manage it better. Most importantly, a doctor from your local Prestige Pain Center will provide these services with the utmost care and attention, always ensuring our patients are given the best pain care with compassion and understanding.

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We Specialize in Treating Knee Pain

Your knees experience a tremendous amount of impact every day. They support your weight and provide much-needed cushioning when walking, jogging, or running. However, knee pain is quite common. Knee pain can affect anyone, at any age. Whether it’s a teenager who recently twisted their knee in a baseball game, a father who banged his knee while doing renovations or working outside, or a senior who is experiencing arthritis, all can experience tremendous swelling and reduced mobility.

Your Prestige Pain Center doctor will also keep an eye out for lesser-known causes of knee pain. Joint infection, lupus, gout, and cancer can also be causes of knee pain. We have the diagnostic and medical testing equipment and experience to identify if your knee pain is caused by any of these ailments.

Our Edison, NJ advanced knee pain treatments could include scheduling a session with a doctor or one of our licensed physical therapists. Both will have you start with some low-impact exercises and light stretching, help you with weight loss, or provide other valuable solutions to reduce your pain. At Prestige Pain Center, we focus on a comprehensive solution using the most advanced treatments.


Experiencing Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain can also affect anyone at any age and must always be taken seriously. Overextension and overexertion are some of the most common reasons why someone may experience back pain, but there are others. Chronic back pain can be caused by a herniated disc while lower back pain may be caused by lumbar strain or stenosis.

Individuals who work with heavy equipment and must often do heavy lifting are especially susceptible to experiencing back pain. However, chronic back pain can also be caused by sports injuries, strains, accidents, surgery, and sciatica. For seniors, back pain can be caused by osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis. Even scoliosis – most often associated with teenagers – can affect the elderly and be a source of back pain.


What To Expect During a Pain Management Appointment

Whether meeting with one of our doctors or a physical therapist, you’re guaranteed to get personalized and compassionate pain care during your pain management appointment. We emphasize minimally invasive medical treatments and guidance by adopting medical and physical therapy practices that help to heal your pain – not simply treat it.

It’s not about rushing you through by giving you a quick prescription and sending you on your way. It’s about taking a systematic and holistic approach to diagnosing your pain and using proven medical and physical therapy solutions to provide the best pain care.

When you come to any of our 10 Prestige Pain Centers in NJ, you can expect a pain management session entirely devoted to the specific cause of your knee or back pain. That starts with an initial assessment of the problem and the gradual introduction of different solutions to help heal your pain. At every moment of every appointment, you’ll be in a position of control and will have constant communication about any concerns or issues you may have.

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Insurance & Cost Information

You don’t need a prescription or doctor’s referral to come to any of our 10 Prestige Pain Centers in NJ. Our physical therapists and doctors are ready and able to assist with any pain or discomfort you may have. To make things easier, we provide plenty of financing options and payment solutions to suit your budget.

In terms of insurance, the reimbursement for an appointment will depend upon your insurance coverage. This is perhaps the only time a doctor’s referral will be needed, as some plans will not provide reimbursement without one.

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