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Chronic pain can be serious and severe. It can be debilitating and life-altering, whether you suffer from knee pain, a back injury, or even fibromyalgia. If you are struggling with chronic pain or acute pain from an accident or injury, locating pain management doctors in Paramus, NJ can be extremely helpful in your recovery. 

At Prestige Pain Center, we work with each of our patients on an individual basis to determine the best pain management solution for their specific needs. If you’re interested in seeing a specialist or consultant who understands the ins and outs of pain management, we’re ready to help at Prestige Pain Center in Paramus, NJ.

We Treat a Wide Range of Conditions

Whether you’re searching for traditional physical therapy in Paramus, NJ or you’re in need of ongoing pain management for chronic back pain or knee pain, Prestige Pain Center in Paramus, NJ can provide you with the guidance you need. We offer treatment options for a wide range of conditions. If you’re in need of a physician or consultant you can trust, turning to Prestige Pain Center is a way to maintain your peace of mind. 

Some of the conditions we offer treatment solutions for include:

  • Chronic pain: Back and neck pain (including both upper and lower back pain).
  • Nerve pain: This can include sciatic or other nerve-related conditions, such as fibromyalgia or neuropathy.
  • Arthritis: From traditional osteoarthritis to autoimmune conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, also known as RA, pain management solutions are often available.
  • Chronic migraines and headaches: Chronic headaches can be alleviated with proper adjustments, therapies, and in some instances, even medication.
  • Work-Related or Sports Injuries: Both work accidents and sports-related injuries can be debilitating, if not disabling. Proper treatment with the right consultant can help you get back on track for a full recovery.
  • Post-Surgery Recovery: If you’re struggling with back pain, knee pain, or any type of strain after a surgery, ongoing therapy or pain medicine may be recommended.
  • Cancer-Related Discomfort: Pain and discomfort triggered by cancer or another underlying illness can also be alleviated with the right treatment protocol and medication, depending on your individual needs and specific diagnosis.
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Common Types of Back Pain

Knowing when to seek help from a doctor or pain management specialist is crucial when you’re suffering from chronic back pain. Understanding the different types of back pain you’re likely to experience can also help in the diagnosis process and finding appropriate modalities of care that work for you. A few common types of back pain experienced by individuals of all ages include:

  • Herniated Discs: Herniated discs are becoming increasingly commonplace in those with compressed spines, undiagnosed spinal disorders, and even in those who are obese or overweight. Herniated discs are often found in the cervical and lumbar spine areas.
  • Lumbar Pain: Lumbar strains are also extremely common, which can be triggered by lifting objects that are too heavy or overused.
  • Nerve Damage and Pain: Neuropathy and other nerve-related issues, such as Sciatica, can also be addressed with ongoing therapy and proper pain management techniques.
  • Disc Diseases: A degenerative disc disease can cause unwanted damage to the spinal discs, which can cause stiffness, pain, and a loss of mobility from sitting in one location for an extended time.

Knee Pain Specialists

Seeing a specialist doctor in Paramus, NJ, is highly advisable if you’re suffering from knee pain that has not been evaluated or diagnosed. Allowing knee pain to go unaddressed is not only inconvenient, but can be debilitating and disabling, especially if you’re suffering from an undiagnosed condition or ailment. A specialist or knee pain physician can help assist with a variety of conditions, from traditional ligament tears and injuries to meniscus tears and, in some cases, even the onset and development of osteoarthritis, regardless of your age.

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When To See a Pain Management Doctor?

Knowing when to seek pain management in Jersey City, NJ, can help find the therapy or treatment plan you need to prevent long-term damage or chronic pain in the body. Consider seeing a specialist or consultant for pain management if you begin experiencing the following:

  • Unbearable chronic pain that is not alleviated with traditional lifestyle changes, diet, or exercise.
  • Recurring pain that has worsened over a few weeks or months.
  • Severe pain after an auto accident, fall, or work-related injury.
  • Pain that results in chronic swelling, inflammation, tingling, or other forms of neuropathy.

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Anytime you’re seeking treatment for chronic pain or an undiagnosed issue, finding the right specialist, consultant, or doctor is key. If you’re searching for a specialist and a treatment you can trust in Paramus, NJ, consider visiting Prestige Pain Center. Anyone living in or around Paramus, NJ, can benefit from a consultation and evaluation to determine the best pain management route to take for your needs. 

To learn more about treatment protocols and solutions that may be suitable for you, contact us today.

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