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Physical Therapy in Edison, NJ

Physical therapy can change your quality of life, giving you back more of the ability to do the things you enjoy participating in. At Prestige Pain Centers, we make it our goal to provide our clients with one-on-one support for comprehensive service with a physical therapist. When you set up physical therapy at our clinic in Edison, NJ with us, you work with a team dedicated to helping you feel better, move more easily, and live a lifestyle that is more in line with your goals.

Relieve Pain, Restore Mobility, & Improve Overall Well-Being

Our physical therapists in Edison, NJ can help you achieve a wide range of improvements depending on what your specific needs and goals are. Our physical therapy services meet your specific needs based on the goals you set and those of your doctor. Some of the ways we can help you include:

  • Pain reduction: Physical therapy helps your body work the way it is supposed to, which can ultimately reduce your pain and allow you to do more of what you love. Reducing pain without medications also helps to minimize side effects. If you suffer from acute or chronic pain, physical therapy can likely help.
  • Improved mobility: Through the use of physical therapy, our physical therapists can help to improve your overall mobility, of the ability of your body’s joints and muscles to move in the way they should. This helps you to get around with ease or may help minimize the discomfort you feel that is limiting your ability to move freely.
  • Improved overall well-being: When you work with our team of physical therapists, you will also get hands-on support to deal with flexibility, posture, and well-being. That is, by working to restore the proper function of your body and reducing your pain, you may be able to enjoy life a bit better because you are able to do the things you want to do.

Our physical therapists in Edison, NJ create individual plans designed for your needs. Talk to us about what your needs and goals are.

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We Will Start With a Physical Assessment & Goal Development

The first step when meeting with a physical therapist is to have a full assessment. This allows us to see how your body is moving, where your pain may be coming from, and what strategies may be suited for improving your health and well-being.

In every situation, our goal is to reduce pain and improve mobility so you will not have to deal with painful sessions that leave you unable to function. Instead, you’ll find that we create step-by-step goals to work towards. These goals allow you to track your progress over time, and if there is any concern about your progress, we can offer solutions to improve it.

Individual Treatment Plans

Our physical therapy services in Edison, NJ, are designed to fit your body’s limitations and goals. Individual treatment plans with a physical therapist start with basic goals that allow you to follow a step-by-step process for seeing improvement. With this type of treatment, we can monitor your improvement and make adjustments to best fit your goals over time. You see the progress, and you get care that’s specifically meant for your rehabilitation needs.

Our clients need a wide range of services. For some battling pain management, consider acupuncture in Edison, NJ alongside your physical therapy sessions. Acupuncture can help to stimulate inflammation reduction in targeted areas encouraging your body’s natural healing ability. Our professional physical therapists in Edison, NJ may recommend this type of supplemental therapy for you.

For athletes who are struggling with injury recovery or want to improve their performance, sports physical therapy in Edison, NJ can be very helpful. Our physical therapy is geared towards the specific area that you need support in whether it is in building flexibility, improving overall balance or strength, or modifying the movements of your joints to reduce the risk of injury.

How Many Physical Therapy Sessions Will I Need?

One of the big questions many people who need physical therapy ask is how long they need to continue to get care. There is no set number of sessions that will create top performance and pain reduction for you. It is dependent on the type of condition you have, the severity of it, and how well you respond to treatment with a physical therapist.

Your physical therapist will give you more insight about what you can expect when you have your assessment. After gathering all of the information available about your condition, we can then structure a treatment plan and monitor it over time. You may need more physical therapy sessions or fewer as your body works to heal.

physical therapist edison nj

Physical Therapy & Insurance

In most situations, health insurance policies cover physical therapy in Edison, NJ, as long as there is a documented need for it. Most of our physical therapists meet the stipulations that these insurance providers have, too, meaning you can count on our care being covered by your insurance.

To make sure of this, we will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation after we verify your insurance. This way, you know exactly what type of care may be covered by your policy or if any limitations or out of pocket expenses may apply.

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Work with our professional physical therapy team to improve your quality of life. At Prestige Pain Centers, we provide expert physical therapists and personalized physical therapy sessions in Edison, NJ, to meet your needs. Let us work with you to reduce your pain, improve your body’s mobility, and help to improve your overall well-being. Contact us today to set up an appointment to learn more.

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